The Bass Specialties Story

 Why Glenn Marrazzo founded Bass Specialties

A guy like me gets into the business of selling basses for three main reasons: One and two are, of course, the love of the instrument and the desire to be around it all the time. Reason number three? Well, it's because bassists are, without a doubt, among the best and most fun people I've ever met. Isn't that alone reason enough?

Bass Specialties intends to help create a bass community that you can tap into, whether for information, instruction or support. By the way, we also want to provide an alternative to large music retail chains that treat us like - pardon the pun - second fiddle.

A few years back, I assembled with 60 like-minded individuals somewhere in the hills of Tennessee. The speaker was saying something about "finding your bliss” and I was sure he was talking to every person in the room but me. Although it took me some time to realize, his message was meant for me, and it's my hope this store will in some way help you find your bliss as well.