Gerald Veasley's Bass Bootcamp


Gerald Veasley's Bass BootCamp 2013
March 1st - 3rd, 2013
Reading, PA

Explore the world of Bass with Gerald Veasley, internationally renowned performer and faculty at the University of the Arts. Whether you're a seasoned bassist or novice, Gerald and his world-class faculty will plug you into the joy of bass playing – technique, theory and of course, those funky bass lines! Gerald Veasley's Bass BootCamp was founded in 2002 by Gerald Veasley, Roxanne Veasley and Lee Patterson. Since then, the camp has served over 500 bass players from all over the world.    

Gerald Veasley's Bass BootCamp offers attendees an experience unlike any other music seminar. The program is the ultimate experience for Bassists looking to grow and develop during a weekend getaway. The participants learn, perform and are exposed to leading bass players as well as bass related music concerts. Moreover, a significant number of campers return year after year to enjoy the Bass BootCamp experience!

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Bass Specialties is proud to have had the opportunity to sponsor Bass Bootcamp since 2007.